Fashion: Expectation vs Reality (Christmas Shopping)


Fashion expectation vs reality

Our perception of reality could be as different from how it actually is as our perception of fashion. As we live in a digitally-driven, consumer-led world, it could be that we respond less to our environment (on a small scale) and less to our personal identity (on a large scale) than in previous generations.

But while we may be less able to use our environment to influence our own behaviour, we are still able to alter our world view through buying things, thus reflecting and re-interpreting this disconnection with the physical world and greater use of screens, such as smartphones.

Finally, the results may be more to do with the reason people are out buying Christmas presents. It seems that, although we may try to avoid thinking about the person who has given us the present, we still feel the need to thank them with a gift or a nice meal. But who really knows what the gift giver really thinks?

How can we save Christmas?

Despite these apparent contradictions, the researchers believe their findings have significant implications for future research. They speculate that further research is needed to understand if a disconnection with the physical world has been causing individuals to view them with greater objectivity and agree with them less, or if they are just engaging with the many different gifts people can give each other, which is more personal, and we therefore feel closer to these individuals more often.

To add to the confusion, it is also noted that Christmas is a time of year when there is also a disconnection with reality. We see things we never normally see during the rest of the year, such as Santa Claus, reindeers and Santa Claus himself (in the form of people dressed up in costumes) and all these things may be contributing to how we feel about the concept of Christmas. It could also be that we are more likely to assume the worst about other people during this period.

Whether the survey findings hold true and if they are real, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but not for everyone. And the fact that the survey suggests that we don't always get it right is probably something most of us already knew.

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